Uis Lithium Project

The Uis Lithium Project (EPL 7345 and EPL 8535) covers an area of 308.12 km2 within the Erongo Region of west-central Namibia, Africa.

There are more than 120 mapped pegmatites across the project area, many of which have been mined historically for tin and semi-precious stone.

An abundance of altered spodumene and some lepidolite is visible both within the workings and the mined rock around the workings.

The project lies less than 5km from the township of Uis and less than 2.5km from Andrada Mining Ltd’s (LSE: ATM) operating Uis Mine, which has a JORC (2012) Mineral Resource of 81Mt @ 0.73% Li2O.

The deep-water port of Walvis Bay is located less than 230km from the Uis Lithium Project and is accessible by sealed roads all year round, while the Namibian capital city of Windhoek is situated approximately 270km southeast of the project.

High-grade assay result from initial reconnaissance sampling include:

3.3% Li₂O as well as 3.2% Li₂O, 2.1% Li₂O, 1.8% Li₂O, 1.1% Li₂0, 0.92% Li₂0, 0.83% Li₂O and 0.79% Li₂O
3.2% Sn as well as 1.3% Sn, 0.76% Sn and 0.71% Sn
4280 ppm Ta as well as 658 ppm Ta, 498 ppm Ta, 432 ppm Ta, 377 ppm Ta and 345 ppm Ta
7,980 ppm Rb as well as 4,214 ppm Rb, 3,387 ppm Rb, 3,110 ppm Rb and 2,990 ppm Rb